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5.) Are all pets SPAYED/NEUTERED and UTD on vaccines?

6.) Do you have kids living in the home?

7.) What is your dog handling experience?


Pitbull Boston Terrier (1 year)

Harley is a Pitbull Boston mix and was welcomed into her first home on January 1st 2017 at 7 weeks old.

Harley was raised around a toddler and 3 year old Boston frenchie, she has always been friendly with the toddler but would thrive in a home with older/no children.

Harley is quick to get excited as well as scare and may pee a little related to either. She would benefit from an educated adopter who can build up her confidence!

Upon meeting new people she will bark and circle for a bit, the best way to get her to warm up to new people is going on a walk or hike and she will be friends by the end of it.

Since Harley was little, she has always loved to be outside no matter what the weather is!

Harley requires a fenced yard, where she can have freedom to roam and get exercise.

Harley loves to be next to you and would thrive being the center of attention. She is happiest when she is home with her family just hanging out or going on hikes. Once she's calm, she loves to cuddle and snuggle.

Fully vetted ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly (older kids)

Dog friendly (respectful dogs, needs socializing)

Cat friendly (unknown)


Terrier Mix (5 years)

Tippy is small and shy, but with a little time he warms up and is the sweetest dog.

Tippy is around 5 years old, he loves to follow his person around and really enjoys playing with other little dogs. He is house trained and would make a great companion!

Tippy is great with other small dog's, but is fearful of big dogs and deserves a home without large animals. 

*We haven't gotten the opportunity to socialize him with kids or cats.

Tippy would thrive in a patient home that will spoil him with love and potentially has a fur sibling for him.

Fully vetted ✅

House trained ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Dog friendly ✅ (small dogs)

Kid friendly (unknown)

Cat friendly (unknown)


Boston Beagle (6 Years )

Leo was adopted at a young age from the Humane Society.

Leo has lived with his family for 6 years, but due to unforeseen circumstances he is looking for his forever home.

Leo is great behaviorally, minus being territorial which caused the incident leading up to the surrender.

Leo has great leash manners and walks right next to you. He's naturally a protector and doesn't leave the daughters side.

Leo has been raised in a home with a lab and two cats. He has shown a little bit of aggression by nipping at big dogs, for example a St Bernard and great Pyrenees.

Leo barks at everyone who walks past the house and proceeds to run to the outside fence and bark until they pass. He has learned commands such as "leave it" and goes to bed.

He will bark at immediately at anyone who enters the home, but when told to "leave it" within thirty seconds he is ok with intruders.

The attack was his first incident, his owners were 5ft away from the home on the sidewalk.

A lady was coming around the corner and stopped near the family at the crosswalk.

She did not interact with the family prior and he did not bark at her until after biting her. He did not display ANY aggression towards his people in the moment, as they tried to keep control of him.

Leo is a little sound sensitive to large bangs. The hospital just started construction for the parking garage near by. It's very possible that one of the tractors could have triggered him.

Leo is new to kennel training, but has been responding really well! He lays down if given a command and is very quiet in his kennel.

Leo is a well loved and obedient dog, ready for a patient family!

Fully vetted ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly ✅

Dog friendly ✅(selective)

Cat friendly ✅


Staffshire Pitbull Mix (3 years)

We got the opportunity to rescue Hero, he was a stray in Thurston County and given a 0% chance at the local Humane.

Hero is young, full of energy and extremely HAPPY!

Hero is learning to SOCIALIZE with dogs and cats--he ignores them for a short period, and even plays DAILY with the submissive dog in the home.

Hero can feel challenged easily by other dogs, so we do SLOW introductions for SHORT periods of time, and he is benefiting AMAZINGLY! 

Hero would just love to play fetch, chew on bones and go on ADVENTURES with you. Are you his forever home?

He deserves an educated foster/adopter, dedicated to socializing and training him.


Kennel trained ✅

Friendly ✅

Dog friendly ✅(socializing need work)

Cat friendly (supervision, needs work)