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5.) Are all pets SPAYED/NEUTERED and UTD on vaccines?

6.) Do you have kids living in the home?

7.) What is your dog handling experience?


Pitbull Rottweiler Mix (2 years)

We got the opportunity to work Maggie and find her forever home but she is running out of time!

Maggie is not always friendly towards other dogs and new people, she is extremely insecure and scared.

Maggie has never actually bitten anyone, but her aggression seems to be getting more severe in her situation.

Maggie grew up with FOUR children and mom's got another one on the way! She does great with the older kids and cuddles with them regularly but Maggie is SO uneasy around the youngest.

Maggie is use to ringing bells that hang from a string off of the backdoor, this indicate she wants out to go pody.

She loves the water if your going to the lake, but she isn't a fan if it involves a bath! She thinks she's a lap dog in the car, so she is adjusting to being kenneled in the back.

Maggie has become possessive and started displaying aggression towards her sister Sadie and is desperate for a new situation and home.

Maggie chases cats and has caught a few of the neighbors chickens/ducks.

She has never killed one, and she doesn't seem like she's trying to hurt them but plays with them roughly.

Maggie is looking for a home, that has the ability to work with her in a more consistent setting. She wants nothing more than to be right next to her human and please them, but is extremely insecure and scared of the world.

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly ✅ (age 10+)

Dog friendly 🚫

Cat friendly 🚫

Fully vetted ✅

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Pitbull Boston Terrier (1 year)

Harley is a Pitbull Boston mix and was welcomed into her first home on January 1st 2017 at 7 weeks old.

Harley was raised around a toddler and 3 year old Boston frenchie, she has always been friendly with the toddler but would thrive in a home with older/no children.

Harley is quick to get excited as well as scare and may pee a little related to either. She would benefit from an educated adopter who can build up her confidence!

Upon meeting new people she will bark and circle for a bit, the best way to get her to warm up to new people is going on a walk or hike and she will be friends by the end of it.

Since Harley was little, she has always loved to be outside no matter what the weather is!

Harley requires a fenced yard, where she can have freedom to roam and get exercise.

Harley loves to be next to you and would thrive being the center of attention. She is happiest when she is home with her family just hanging out or going on hikes. Once she's calm, she loves to cuddle and snuggle.

Fully vetted ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly (older kids)

Dog friendly ✅

Cat friendly (unknown)

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English Bulldog (7 years)

Darla is seven years old and has a very playful personality. She greets everyone with body wiggles and loves being the center of attention.

Unfortunately she needs a new home, due to her dog aggressive behaviors.

Darla loves laying in the sun and going for car rides, she would be happiest as a companion or family dog.

Darla has become extremely dog aggressive and will need a pet free home with an experienced foster/adopter.

Fully vetted ✅

Kid friendly ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Dog friendly (aggressive behavior)

Cat friendly (unknown)

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Husky Pitbull Mix (6 years)

Beren is a well loved surrender, who needs a confident adopter.

He has the potential to be an outstanding dog, but lacks training and proper stimulation for his breed!

Beren has a calm and playful personality, he loves his toys and lounging around the house. He is completely house trained and spends most him time minding to himself. 

We started kennel training weeks ago and to our surprise Beren has done great, he even willingly sleeps in his crate.

Beren was never socialized with other dogs and although he loves to play with the female pitbull in his foster home. He would benefit from a dedicated foster, who is capable of working with his breed.

Fully vetted ✅
Kennel trained ✅
Dog friendly (selective)
Cat friendly (doesn't react)
Kid friendly (supervision)

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Staffshire Pitbull Mix (3 years)

We got the opportunity to rescue Hero, he was a stray in Thurston County and given a 0% chance at the local Humane.

Hero is young, full of energy and extremely HAPPY!

Hero is learning to SOCIALIZE with dogs and cats--he ignores them for a short period, and even plays DAILY with the submissive dog in the home.

Hero can feel challenged easily by other dogs, so we do SLOW introductions for SHORT periods of time, and he is benefiting AMAZINGLY! 

Hero would just love to play fetch, chew on bones and go on ADVENTURES with you. Are you his forever home?

He deserves an educated foster/adopter, dedicated to socializing and training him.


Kennel trained ✅

Friendly ✅

Dog friendly ✅(socializing need work)

Cat friendly (supervision, needs work)

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Lab Mix (6 )

Beau is a happy and loving 6 year old black lab mix.

Unfortunately Beau has shown aggressive tendencies towards kids in the home by growling and giving warning nips at the toddler and preteen.

Kids just aren't his cup of tea and his parents are humble enough to understand that. He is, however, dog friendly and ignores cats almost entirely!

Beau is an active boy, he loves to play fetch, go swimming, hiking and going on adventures. He is a big lover and enjoys cuddling with his people.

Beau deserves a kid-free home to be the happy, successful dog we know he can be!

Fully vetted ✅

House trained ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Dog friendly ✅

Cat friendly ✅

Kid friendly (reactive)

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