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Malamute Shepard Mix (6 years)

Maximus was adopted as a puppy and has always been a very happy, friendly, loving and high energy malamute mix.

Unfortunately, after six years Maximus is now needing a new place to call home.

Maximus was attacked by another dog 4 years ago, this incident has slowly caused behavioral changes. 

He currently deals with anxiety towards other dogs, cats, small children, certain adults, food aggression and toy aggression.

Maximus has developed distrust and without proper guidance and training, he now has a bite history. There have been 2 incidents, non requiring stitches or causing much damage.

Maximus plays great with the families other dog, but since the attack hasn't been socialized with other dogs.

Maximus has undergone THREE profesional classes and has already excelled. He was able to be walked around another dog comfortably.

We believe with proper stimulation and training, Maximus can be the happy and confident dog he use to be!


Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly (cant be trusted)

Dog friendly (needs work)

No small animals, Maximus currently has an intense prey drive. 

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Husky Pitbull Mix (6 years)

Beren is a well loved surrender, who needs a confident adopter.

He has the potential to be an outstanding dog, but lacks training and proper stimulation for his breed!

Beren has a calm and playful personality, he loves his toys and lounging around the house. He is completely house trained and spends most him time minding to himself. 

We started kennel training weeks ago and to our surprise Beren has done great, he even willingly sleeps in his crate.

Beren was never socialized with other dogs and although he was friendly as a puppy, he deserves a home without pets. He would benefit from a dedicated foster, who is capable of working with his breed.

Fully vetted ✅
Kennel trained ✅
Dog friendly (unknown)
Cat friendly (unknown)
Kid friendly (can't be trusted)

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Pitbull Mix (4-5 years)

We got the opportunity to place Milo into our group foster home with Leela Organa.

Milo is a gentle, yet outgoing boy who would love to go everywhere with you! He especially loves car rides!

Milo had a rough few months, from being left at a boarding facility in Portland, to being placed in multiple foster homes.

Milo was previously used as a test dog for new intakes, this facility allowed several attacks to occur before we rescued him.

Milo is extremely easy to care for and has a calm personality, but displays signs of PTSD and can be reactive in some new situations.

Milo has a bite history, due to a lack of trust and poor handling. There has been 3 incidents, we would love to discuss further with anyone interested in fostering. We are working on desensitizing and socializing him DAILY!

Milo loves to play with respectful dogs, he's done good with all ages and sizes.

Milo is learning how to co exist with friendly cats, for now he sniffs and barks at them when introduce and cant be trusted.

Milo would thrive in a calm home without constant visitors, small children or chaos, he would even be a great traveling companion. He deserves an educated and experienced foster/adopter!

Fully vetted ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Dog friendly ✅

Kid friendly (supervised only)

Cat tolerable (need works)

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Staffshire Pitbull Mix (3 years)

We got the opportunity to rescue Hero, he was a stray in Thurston County and given a 0% chance at the local Humane.

Hero is young, full of energy and extremely HAPPY!

Hero is learning to SOCIALIZE with dogs and cats--he ignores them for a short period, and even plays DAILY with the submissive dog in the home.

Hero can feel challenged easily by other dogs, so we do SLOW introductions for SHORT periods of time, and he is benefiting AMAZINGLY! 

Hero would just love to play fetch, chew on bones and go on ADVENTURES with you. Are you his forever home?

He deserves an educated foster/adopter, dedicated to socializing and training him.


Kennel trained ✅

Friendly ✅

Dog friendly ✅(socializing need work)

Cat friendly (supervision, needs work)

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German Shepard Pitbull Mix (4 years)

Maggie is a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix, she was adopted with her sister Sadie when they were only months old.

Maggie and Sadie are not always friendly towards other dogs and new people.

Maggie has never actually bitten anyone, but her aggression seems to be getting more severe in her situation.

Maggie grew up with FOUR children and mom's got another one on the way! She does great with the older kids and cuddles with them regularly but Maggie is SO uneasy around the youngest.

Maggie is use to ringing bells that hang from a string off of the backdoor, this indicate she wants out to go pody.

She loves the water if your going to the lake, but she isn't a fan if it involves a bath! She thinks she's a lap dog in the car, so she is adjusting to being kenneled in the back.

Maggie has become possessive and started displaying aggression towards her sister Sadie and is desperate for a new situation and home.

Maggie chases cats and has caught a few of the neighbors chickens/ducks.

She has never killed one, and she doesn't seem like she's trying to hurt them but plays with them roughly.

Maggie is looking for a home, that has the ability to work with her in a more consistent setting. She wants nothing more than to be right next to her human and please them.

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly ✅ (age 10+)

Dog friendly (unsocialized)

Cat friendly (cant be trus)

Fully vetted ✅

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Boston Beagle Mix (8 years)

Leo has lived with his family for 6 years, but due to unforeseen circumstances he is looking for his forever home.

Leo is great behaviorally, minus being territorial which caused the incident leading up to the surrender.

Leo has great leash manners and walks right next to you. He's naturally a protector and doesn't leave the daughters side.

Leo has been raised in a home with a lab and two cats. He has shown a little bit of aggression by nipping at big dogs, for example a St Bernard and great Pyrenees.

Leo barks at everyone who walks past the house and proceeds to run to the outside fence and bark until they pass. He has learned commands such as "leave it" and goes to bed.

He will bark at immediately at anyone who enters the home, but when told to "leave it" within thirty seconds he is ok with intruders.

The attack was his first incident, his owners were 5ft away from the home on the sidewalk.

A lady was coming around the corner and stopped near the family at the crosswalk.

She did not interact with the family prior and he did not bark at her until after biting her. He did not display ANY aggression towards his people in the moment, as they tried to keep control of him.

Leo is a little sound sensitive to large bangs. The hospital just started construction for the parking garage near by. It's very possible that one of the tractors could have triggered him.

Leo is new to kennel training, but has been responding really well! He lays down if given a command and is very quiet in his kennel.

Leo is a well loved and obedient dog, ready for a patient family!

Fully vetted ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly ✅

Dog friendly (selective)

Cat friendly ✅

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Pitbull Mix (1 year)

Cyan was rescued from Riverside CA, he was scheduled for euthanization due to unsocial behavior.

Cyan is barley a year old and under 40lbs! He is timid in new situations, but it only takes a few moments before he's comfortable and you can see his personality.

Cyan is young and FULL OF LIFE!

He is extremely focused on his person and will follow you EVERYWHERE!

He loves to play with toys, its as if hes NEVER had toys before. He tends to be a little MOUTHY, due to never being properly stimulated.

We are working on replacing hands with toys. He doesnt bite and reacts to OW or sounds extremely well. He is noise sensitive and can be sensitive in new environments.

Cyan is a gentle boy, he is very respectful of space and avoids dogs and people unless approached.


Once hes comfortable, he collapses and rubs against everyone he meets. He has been supervised around little kids and loves to snuggle with them

We introduced him to a large male dog and we noticed he feels challenged easily, but if the dog respects his space he co exists well.

Cyan is an easy boy to care for, he would thrive in a home with lots of toys and snuggles!

We are seeking a patient and educated foster/adopter, who is capable of socializing and training him.

Fully vetted ✅

Kennel trained ✅

Kid friendly ✅ 

Dog friendly (socializing needs work)

Cat friendly (unknown)

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